Matt Richards

matt3British journalist Matt Richards’ interests lie with investigative reporting, politics, and, somewhat naturally, investigative reporting about politics. Having recently been in a country during a military coup, he has seen first hand what controlled media looks like, and believes that in-depth, independent journalism is more crucial than ever.

Coming from a policy geek background, he’s well versed in jumping into piles of information and coming out the other side with something coherent. But since converting to journalism, he has discovered a new-found love of storytelling, and particularly of feature writing.

He now wants to combine his detailed orientated nature with his passion for feature storytelling, so he can help to tell those stories that really matter.

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Investigative Journalism

The Groningen domain fraud that scams hospitals and charities ( – original English version available on request)

How international housing provider SSH exploits rental loophole to overcharge students (Video investigation for

Hard News

Dutch PM Rutte faces earthquake victims (video)

Safe cycling advocates call for widespread adoption of new safety initiative

Groningen expect strong rankings performance despite recent drop

Student accommodation in Groningen to be expanded

Features / Interviews / Analysis

Quay Stages: Exeter’s waterfront revival (Exeter Living magazine – PDF version available on request)

Dutch politics: stealing populism from the populists?

Q&A: The Reluctant Remainer

Profile: Alone but not lonely

A fly on the wall of the International Criminal Court

A very intangible heritage


Photo essay: The force is strong in geekland

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Political Satire

The Diary of the Donald

Travel Writing

Personal Travelogue: Awesome Happy Travel

Travel Magazine: Living in St. Kilda

Travel Magazine: Visit Krabi


Spoke Radio (a one-off radio show)co-editor and news reporter

Podcast: Universal Basic Income… and beer